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Live the life of wolf simulator in the ultimate jungle. Become the a wild wolf and real hunter to survive in the jungle. Explore the jungle as a wild wolf simulator, meet and mate with other wolves, find food for them and fight against other wild animals walking around. You are a wild wolf in this wild animal simulator game and have to survive in jungle with wild wolf simulator real hunter. Race in the ferocious jungle in search of preys! Show the wilderness and anger of a wolf! Rage off in the jungle and complete animal killing quests!
Roam about the beautiful forsts and green plains and become thr real terror for the othr animals. In this wild wolf game you can play as real wild Wolf and become the most powerful animal in the wilderness. Be a wild wolf and enjoy real wolf's life with survive, fight and search of food for yourself and also for your cubs and mate. In this wolf simulator games you have a quest to hunt down animals like Lion, Deer, Elephant, Tiger, Buffeloe, Ship, Lioness, Goats, Crocodile, Bisons. With latest in 10 different missions. Remember that the health, energy, water and food indicators - if one of it drops – there is no chance to stay alive! Upgrade your wolf's skills to protect your pack! It's your chance to give birth to a little cub and start your own wolf family or pack. There are multiple attack of wild wolf to hunt the other animals like bites with ultimate pounce attack and also power button attack for killing them rapidly. You have family and your cubs are in growing stage you have to fight for them and protect them until they grow into fierce fighters with this free wolfs game.
In this Real hunter wolf games there are 10 adventurous mission. In each level is fill with thrill and more exciting .In this angry wild wolf simulator you have to battle against wild animals like crocodile, lion, cougar, fox, elephant, deer, boar, buffalo, goat and some other small animals that can end your hunger.
Features of Wild wolf Simulator
• Play as realistic Wild Wolf Simulator
• Real Battle of Angry Wild Wolf Simulator
• Beautiful and realistic 3D jungle to explore
• Wild Wolf Simulator full of 10 entertaining & real hunting missions
• Real day and night cycle
• A big collection of animals to attack like cheetah, cougar, lion, zebra, deer, lioness, jaguar, rhino, gazelle, Elephant, fox, hyena, boar and buffalo
• A variety of wild sounds with real snow jungle game play


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