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Get ready for the new wild white African tiger simulation Adventure game! Play as a wild white tiger and get wild and hunt animals for your prey.This is time for battle of angry wild tiger simulator in the ultimate wild jungle.In this animal world simulator games where you can have all of the wild animals In this wild tiger jungle hunt simulator life is not easy as in city. Become a wild beast and play as adventurous wild tiger and hunt down the animals. Hunt the animals In this winter camp show the world adventure of hungry white tiger in the jungle It is epic war and battle against the zebra, crocodile, elephant, deer, ship, fox, lion, lioness, cougar, panther, rhino, bull and bear.
Experience the ultimate extreme wild life full of the adventures of angry wild tiger. Play as wild Tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Start your own pride of wolves, fight for your life against fierce animals like crocodile, bear and wolf and lion. You have a tough competition with clever fox in jungle. Play as mountain giant wild cat in the arctic jungle and move around for the fresh forest attack. Show the wilderness and anger of a wild white tiger! Search for food and fight for survival, Spot your territory, hunt animals, Eat, Drink, Sleep in winter Complete animal killing hunts with multiple types of power attacks including claw, jump and bit attack for killing the animals. In this animal hunting simulator game you will experience the HD Graphics with realistic 3d angry wild tiger simulator in the day and night cycle of jungle. Live the as the king jungle and enjoy life of safari jungle. Increase the size of your pack by breeding with a female tiger to give birth to baby cubs. Ensure the protection and safety of your cubs. Raise your family and become the King of the Jungle. Protect the cubs from dangerous animals that roam freely in the wilderness.
In this wild white tiger games there are 10 adventurous mission. In each level is fill with thrill and more exciting .In this angry wild tiger simulator you have to battle against wild animals like crocodile, lion, cougar, fox, elephant, deer, boar, buffalo, goat and some other small animals that can end your hunger.
Feature of Wild White Tiger Game
• Play as realistic wild white tiger
• Real Battle of Angry Wild Tiger Simulator
• 10 amazing adventurous and thrilling missions with hunting quest in the wild jungle
• A big collection of animals to attack like cheetah, cougar, lion, zebra, deer, lioness, jaguar, rhino, gazelle, Elephant, fox, hyena, boar and buffalo.
• A variety of wild sounds with real snow jungle game play .


tiger1.apk 39 MB