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Are you ready to roar and play the role of Lion? Let’s play as the real lion in this wild lion simulator. You are king of the forest, rule the jungle wildlife and be the ferocious animal to play in this wild safari simulator. Start your own pride of lions, fight for your life against fierce animals like elephants, rhino and hippo. Roar and run through the jungle with Lion Simulator game. In this wild lion safari simulator game attack and hunt down all the animals that come across.
This Wild Lion Safari Simulator 3D gives you a taste of the African savanna and the real jungle life. Jungle is filled with wild animals You have to hunt animals and show your skills and power. Be a wild beast and feed your hungry nature. In this wild lion simulator 3d , some wild animals might resist on your attack and pounce on you, so beware and go for the kill. Hunt, fight with enemies and complete quests.
Wild Lion Safari Simulator
Build a survival strategy against wild animals. Level ¬up a lion in simulator to improve survival skills. You have to maintain your health, hunger, thirst and energy in lion simulator games.
Epic Lion Battle
Wield razor sharp claws and a spine-tingling roar to strike fear into the heart of your foes! Use your pounce attack, powerful bite and razor sharp claws to hunt prey or fight dangerous beasts in epic battle lion simulator 3d. Automated Power Attacks for quick kills with wild lion simulator 3d games free.
Find Mate
In lion safari game you have to find your mate for raise your own lion family in safari jungle.
Ultimate Lion Survival Game
Get a experience by defeating dangerous enemies, scavenging carcasses, and completing missions! Level up your lions to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your lion’s statistics, and increase the size of your pride! 
Real Safari Lion
In real safari jungle you will have playing with realistic animals encounters. Animal forest hunting encounters with Tiger, Rhino, Elephant,, Giraffe, Cheetah, Zebra, Crocodile and many more wild animals in lion adventure game. 
It’s time to control the beast in all its fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other animals Fight as clan of lion with the help of your mate in most epic adventure. You are the ruler! You are the King! Feel like one…Feel the rush in your blood as you prepare to attack and devour your prey without scaring them or letting them survive. But beware, the hunt is bloody! Enjoy realistic action pack lion adventure game with high definition graphics and awesome sound effects.


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