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This is a mafia car parking game like you’ve never seen before! Do you want to become super gangster of Russian mafia who will eliminate law enforcement to auto theft, fight & exhibit street crimes? Play Super Mafia game in which you have to robbery a car. Perform extreme theft missions and unfold wildest crime stories on the land of Great Russia.
What comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Mafia'? Bad guys, money, crimes, prohibition era, gangs, or badass cars? Become a gangster and fight with peoples to snatch their car. In this mafia car parking game this is your chance to test your driving skills at the wheel of some of the most exquisite vintage cars and experience the life as a Mafia Driver!
Live thug life and face intense car driving challenges in crime city. Seek vendetta from cops, steal luxury cars and drive away from police arrest. Make money by selling luxury cars in black market & car dealer. Commit robberies in stealth mode but don’t let police officer to make criminal case against you. Showoff precision driving skills, avoid car accidents and rob autos parked in garage. Outrun police chase and gangster cars to take revenge and make safe criminal escape. Be ready to explore huge urban sprawl and become best sports car driver while committing grand robberies in real city. As a notorious underworld criminal, get involved in gangster brawl and escape chase. In this amazing robbery simulator, you will get a chance to enjoy criminal adventures and mess around crime city with local bandits and thugs. If you like playing futuristic robots games, derby destruction, and gangster clown simulation then for surely you will love playing this newest theft car simulator.
Forget all other combat fighting games & robot battle simulator, as you will get flavor of all street crimes like extreme robbery, intense auto theft & superb fight with rival gangsters & police officers.
Features of Mafia Car parking and Racing.
• 10 challenging stealing cars and grand robbery missions.
• car chase & auto theft adventure.
• Steal vehicles and sell in black market.
• Test your car driving and car parking skills
• Realistic city environment with HD graphics & sound effects.


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